Sri Pradip Kumar Biswal
Dr. Kusha Chandra Pradhan

Student's Assocn. & Societies


1. There is an aid fund called "VYASANAGAR COLLEGE STUDENT AID FUND,
2. The object of the fund is to render financial assistance to the deserving students to meet their examination fees purchase of books.
3. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the following members to deal with matters concerning the Fund.
(a) The Principal (Ex-Officio) Chairman.
(b) One of the members of the teaching staff to be nominated
by the Principal to act as Vice-Chairman.
(c) A Secretary and an Asst. Secretary to be elected from among the students.
(d) Class representatives elected by the students of the classes concerned.
4: The Executive Committee shall recommend to the Principal the names of the deserving students for award of financial assistance from this fund.
6. The accounts of this fund are to be maintained by the college.
7. The  Principal is the [mal authority in all the matter relating to the fund.


The Dramatic Society

1 . All the students of the college are entitled to be the members of the Vyasanagar College Dramatic Society.
2. Every student of the college shall pay to the society's fund a subscription as fixed every year long with the first instalment of the fees for the session.

3.The Principal of the college is the ex-officio President of Dramatic Society. 
4. Executive Committee: ­
The affairs of the society are managed by an Executive Committee Consisting of the following members.
(a) President .
(b) Vice-President nominated by the Principal from among the teaching staff.
(c) One ormore members of the staff nominated by the Principal to help the Vice-President.
(d) A Secretary and an Assistant Secretary to be elected by the students of the college from among themselves,
(e) One representative to be elected by the students of each class.
5. Election:
Election of the office bearers shall be held every year on a date to be fixed by the Government.
6. Annual meeting
After the elections are over, there shall be a meeting off all the Members of Dramatic Society. The accounts of the previous year shall be received from the outgoing Secretary and newly elected office bearers shall assume the office at this meeting.
7. The executive Committee shall:
(a) Prepare and pass the budget for the year.
(b) Recommend to the Principal names of plays to be staged and the dates of the performances.
(c) Get expenditure audited.

(d) Sanction Expenditure out of reserved fund for the purpose of purchase, maintenance, repair or replacement of atiicles already purchased for the Dramatic Society. 
(f)To meet from time to time and decide all other matters relating to the society.

8, All decisions taken are subject to the approval of the Principal.
9. Either the Secretary or the Asst. Secretary or the both, if they fail to discharge their duties properly, may be removed from the officeby the Principal or by a vote of the confidence passed by not less than2/3rd of the members of the executive Committee specially called for the purpose and ratified in a meeting of the general body.

10. The quorum for an ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee will be 1/3rd of the total members.
11. The Principal reserves the right to alter, amend or abrogate any of the rules mentioned above. If a member wants to alter or amend any of the rules, he must get it passed by 3/5th members of the Executive Committee in a meeting separately called for the purpose. .
12. Such change or amendments are subject to the approval of the Principal.
13. The principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Society.


The Athletic Club

1 The club shall consist of all the members of the staff and student's as its members. 

2. The executive committee of the club shall be called "VYASANAGAR COLLEGE ATHLETIC CLUB." It shall consist of the following members.
(a) The Principal as the President (Ex-Officio)
(b) Vice-President nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff. .
(c) One or more members of the staff nominated by the Principal
to help the Vice-President.
(d) The Physical Education Teacher.
(e) Secretary
(t) Assistant Secretary.
(g) On class representative from each class.
(h) Captains of the Football, the Cricket, the Volleyball teams and such other organised outdoor games as may exist in the college.
3. Election Rules
(a) The Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Class representatives shall be elected in the beginning of each session in the manner determined by the Principal,
Q) The captains and Vice-Captains will be selected by the Executive Committee, Only-player members will be eligible for the selections Captains and Vice-Captains. However the Secretary and the Asst. Secretary are not eligible for these posts.
C) The Executive Committee will also nominate a Secretary, an Asst. Secretary or representative in case there are vacancies.
4. Tenure of Office:
(a)The tenure of office of all elected representatives shall be of one session. However they will carry on their respective duties in
The following, session till a fresh election takes place. .
(b) If-the work of the elected Secretary is found to be, unsatisfactory, he will be asked by the principal to resign and another secretarynominated by the principal will carry on the work till the next election. 
(c) If a Captain remains absent himself from the field continuously for fifteen days without sufficient reason, he will ipsofacto' cease to be the Captain.
d.) The out going Secretary will hand over the charges of his office to the newly elected Secretary as early as possible after the election.
5. General Meeting:
There shall be an annual general meeting of the club on day fixed by the Principal. At the meeting the Secretary will read his annual report andpresent the estimates of account for the academic year.Amendments to the rules of the dub will be considered at his meeting, Regulations of amendment will be forwarded to the, Principal for approval.
6. Work ofto be Executive Committee:
(a) Promotion of games and athletics among the students.
(b) General Management of the club, 
(c) Preparation of the budget

  1. Work ofthe Vice-President
    He will be in charge of Correspondence and will place order for sports material needed by the club. He will also review the accounts of the club.
    8. Work ofthe Secretary:
    (a) He will be convener of all general and executive committeemeetings. .. .
    (b) He will prepare the annual report.
    (c) He will organise the college games in collaboration with the Captain and Vice-Captain.

9. Work of the Captains:
(a) They will select players for friendly or competitive matchesand they will be responsible for organising other college games along with the Secretary.
(b) Neither the secretary nor the captains should arrange any match without the approval of the Vice-President.
10. Work of the PET
(a) To copy all the invoices in the stock book.
(b) To keep an account of the sports materials.
(c) To look after the playground.
(d) To took to the programs' of physical education. .
(e) The Principal can veto any resolution passed by the club he can make new rules or amend any existing ones.
11. Selection committee:
A Selection committee for each, game will be formed with the following members.
(a) Vice-President
(b) Officer in chargeof the game
(c) P.E.T.
(d) Secretary
(e) Captain