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News clip of state level seminar

State level seminar

State Level Seminar on Political thoughts during Indian Independence Gandhi, Aurobinda,Netaji and Sardar Patel

State Level Seminar on Political thoughts during Indian Independence Gandhi, Aurobinda,Netaji and Sardar Patel

State Level Seminar on Political thoughts during Indian Independence Gandhi, Aurobinda,Netaji and Sardar Patel

Name of the Department: Department of Political Science
Year of establishment: 1966
Name of Courses offered:
Bachelor of Arts (+3 Arts under CBCS pattern)
Master of Arts- M.A. (CBCS pattern)
Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved: Nil

The Department of Political Science was established in the year 1996. The Department began with 16 Honours students at that time. Dr. Basudev Nanda was the Head of the Department and the other faculties of the Department were Prof. Bhaskar Ch. Mohanty, Dr. Sashi Bhusan Parida, Prof. Bishnu Ch. Ratha and Dr. Muktikanta Mohanty. Almost all the teachers were equally equipped with knowledge and wisdom.
After the retirement of Dr. Basudev Nanda, Prof. Bhaskar Ch. Mohanty became the Head of the Department in the year 2002. Prof. Mohanty continued till 2009. After his retirement the next senior most Dr. Muktikanta Mohanty became the Head of the Department up to 2019. Then on account of his transfer Prof. Dillip Kumar Mohanty succeeded to the Head of the Department and now continuing.

List of the distinguished alumni of the department:
1.Sri Ram Chandra Khuntia (MP)
2.Dr. Akshaya Kumar Panda
3.Dr. (Mrs.) Lalita Rout
4.Dr. Girija Prassan Pattnaik
5.Prof. Ajay Kumar Mahakud
6.Prof. Golak Bihari Mahakud
7.Prof. Duryodhan Behera
8.Prof. Amulya Pradhan
9.Prof. Upendra Kumar Mishra
10.Prof. Balaram Swain

Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization

Sl No Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience
1 Mr. Dillip Kumar Mohanty M.A. Reader Indian Political Thought, Western Political Thought 31
2 Mr. Barbrubahan Jena M.A. Sr. Lecturer Comparative Politics 28
3 Mr. Ajay Kumar. Mahakud M.A. Sr. Lecturer International Relations 27
4 Mr. Golak Bihari Mahakud M.A., LLB Lecturer Indian Government and Politics 15
5 Mr. Khitish Kumar Mohapatra M.A. Lecturer Global Politics 12
6 Sri Jagabandhu Sahoo M.A. (Gold Medalist), M.Phil, NET Lecturer Public Administration, Political Theory 04

Department is conducting various study tours & organizing UGC sponsored National Seminars. Beyond syllabus, scholarly activities of the department include Great discussion, seminars, a symposium on various topics – Local Self Government, Myth and Reality of Triple Talaq, Abrogation of Article 370, Feminism etc.

1. The Department has successfully completed 5 years PG Diploma in Behavioural Studies (2008-2013) sponsored by the UGC.
2. The Department has successfully organized two National Seminars.
3. The Department has successfully hosted Odisha Political Science Association Conference in 2015.

a) Library : Yes
b) Internet facilities for staff and students: Nil
c) Total number of classrooms: 02
d) Classrooms with ICT facility: Nil
e) Students’ laboratories: Nil
f) Research laboratories: Nil

a) Strength:
i. The department has talented and dedicated teaching staff members.
ii. Internal Seminars are conducted regularly.
iii. Teachers provide proper care to students.
iv. The department has good collection of text and reference books.
b) Weakness:
i. Lack of adequate classroom and seminar room.
ii. The classrooms are not spacious and furnished.
iii. Adequate numbers of books are not available in the seminar.
c) Opportunity:
i. Opening of P.G. Programme in Public Administration in the Department.
ii. The available infrastructure could be better used for upholding the teaching-learning process.
d) Challenges: i. Making the present course curriculum at par with the national level.
ii. Raising the level of competition with other subjects and institutions.

1. To open Post Graduation in Public Administration.
2. To open a Centre for Gender Studies.