Sri Pradip Kumar Biswal
Dr. Kusha Chandra Pradhan


   Name and address of the department: Department of Mathematics
Year of establishment of the department: 1966
Names of programmes/courses offered: UG
Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved: NIL
Annual / Semester / Choice Based Credit System: Choice Based Credit System
Programme-wise student-teacher ratio: 1:55
Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff, sanctioned and filled: NIL
Departmental projects funded by DST – FIST, DBT, ICSSR, etc. : NIL
Research facility / Centre with State recognition, National recognition, International recognition: NIL
Details of patents and income generated: NIL
Areas of consultancy and income generated: NIL
Faculty recharging strategies: Internet, Library, Attending Seminar
Awards / Recognitions received at the National & International level by faculty: NIL
Doctoral / Post Doctoral fellows: NIL
Students: NIL
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops organized And the source of funding (National/International) with details of outstanding participants, if any: NA


The Department of Mathematics is inspired by the belief that numbers are fun. Its pedagogical practices include informal classroom interactions to simulate young minds and create a space for free expressions, paper presentations, quizzes and wallpapers, which enable students to explore the fascinating world of Mathematics. Mathematics holds an important place in the history of humanity and is valuable to the future of all human beings,and this is a belief, that guides the functioning of the department of Mathematics, Vyasanagar Autonomous College. The mission of the department is to inspire, prepare, and empower students to succeed in the ever-changing world.  The students at the department of Mathematics are provided with holistic education to empower them to lead from the front. The teachers adopt techniques such as discussions, application based examples, software and power point presentations to encourage the students in exploring the subject. Interactive sessions are conducted before the beginning of a new topic or chapter to enable the students to have in-depth knowledge and practical application of the same is taught in an elaborate manner. Student queries and doubts are tackled through tutorials conducted regularly. The students are encouraged to think out of the box and tackle real life situations.  The department provides an environment conducive to nurturing analytical minds. It is the endeavour of the department to offer a rich mathematical experience wherein students learn to think critically, communicate mathematical concepts effectively, and become lifelong learners. The intention is to promote interdisciplinary learning so that the students develop a wider perspective and equip them with the resources necessary not only for mathematical learning but to enable them to compete with confidence at multiple levels in various fields.

Designation and contact details (mobile no. and e-mail ids)
Name Qualification Designation Contact No. E-mail id
Ashok Kumar Mishra M. Sc.,
M. Phil
Reader in Maths 9861435561
Md. Tika Khan M. Sc.,
M. Phil
Lect. in Maths 9438016865
Bibekananda Jena M. Sc.,
M. Phil
Lect. in Maths 943727672
Guruprasanna Sahoo M. Sc. Lect. in Maths 9438841522
Ranjan Kumar Sahu M. Sc.,
M. Phil
Lect. in Maths 9861297503

Name of the Course (refer Question No.- 2)

Applications received


Pass Percent









100 %

100 %


Session            No. of students           1st class with Distinction

2015                32                                20

2016                37                                20

2017                29                                15

2018                21                                06

2019                15                                02     


Diversity of students

Name of the Course

% of students from the college

% of students from the state

% of students from other states

% of students from other countries


20 %

100 %




How many students have started Civil Services, Defence Services, NET, SLET, GATE and any other competitive examinations?: 5 – 6 per year

Student Progression

Student Progression

Percentage against enrolled

UG to PG


PG to M. Phil.


PG to Ph. D.



1. Who are graduates of the same parent university: 90 %
2. From other universities within the state: NIL
3. From other universities from other states: 10 %
4. The number of faculties who were awarded Ph. D., D. Sc. and D. Litt. During the assessment period: NIL

Library: Yes
Internal facilities for staff & students: Yes
Total number of classrooms: 20
Classrooms with ICT facilities: No
Computer Laboratories: 01
Research laboratories: No
Number of students of the department getting financial assistance from the college: 20
Was any need assessment exercise undertaken before the development of a new programme(s)? If so give the methodology: No

Faculty on curriculum as well as teaching-learning-evaluation? If Yes, how does the department utilise it ?: Yes, the evaluation is made regularly at the conductive board by the faculty.
Students & staff, curriculum as well as teaching, learning, evaluation and what is the response of the department to the same: Students feedback is collected regularly. The responses of the students are presented in the Board of Studies meeting.
Alumni and employers on the programmes and what is the response of the department to the same: Views of Alumni members are always sought and reflected in the progress of the department

(i) Laxmidhar Patri – Lect. in Mathematics, Kamakhyanagar College, Dhenkanal
(ii) Jyotiprakash Rout – Lect. in Mathematics, I.G. Women’s College, Jajpur Road
(iii) Muralidhar Sahoo - Lect. in Mathematics, Madhupur College, Kalana, Jajpur
(iv) Ratikanta Das – Indian Army
(v) Subhasisni Das – S. P. Office, Panikoili, Jajpur
(vi) Pabitra Kumar Sahoo - Lect. in Mathematics, R. M. College, Bhuban, Dhenkanal
(vii) Pradeep Kumar Sahu - Lect. in Mathematics, Patitapaban Mahavidyalaya, Sainkul, Anandapur
(viii) Ajay Kumar Mohanty – Principal, KBRS, Cuttack
(ix) Pradeep Kumar Sahoo Clerk, RMS, J. K. Road
(x) Rajesh Kumar Sahoo – Lect. in Mathematics, Rajdhani College, Bhubaneswar

Give details of student enrichment programmes (special lecturers / workshops / seminar) with external experts :
The department of Mathematics has organised a seminar “Recurrence Relations and Generating Functions” on 21.09.2019 at Conference hall under the Chairmanship of Co-ordinator-cum-HODMathematics with two Resource Persons Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Dalei, Associate Professor-cum-Principal Jr. Science College, AYBA, Kendrapara & Prof. Bikash Chandra Dash, Rtd. Reader in Mathematics, Choudwar College, Choudwar
List the teaching methods adopted by the faculties for different programmes: Innovative teaching methods are followed by the teachers as group discussion, powerpoint presentations and seminars are being organized to enhance the ability of students
Give details of “beyond syllabus scholarly activities” of the department : NA
State, whether the programme/department is accredited/graded by other agencies (Give details): The college, is centrally accredited NAAC and “Centre for Potential and Excellence”

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOC) of the department

  • Strength  :
    • The department has well-furnished laboratories for students and faculty.
    • Class rooms are ICT equipped.
    • Internal Seminars are conducted by the department regularly.
    • Teachers are giving proper care to students.
    • The department has good collection of text and reference books in the
    • The department has good collection of text and reference books in the seminar library
    • Course curriculum is updated.
  • Weakness :
    • Need for adeqate infrastructure in the department.
    • The class rooms are not spacious
    • Lack of adequate number of faculty members.
    • Poor attendance of students in Seminars.
  • Opportunity:
    • The departmental course is designed to meet the changing need of the students
    • The available infrastructure could be better used for upholding the teaching-learning process
  • Challenges:
    • Redesigning of the present course curriculum at par with the national level.
    • Raising the level competition with other institutions.
    • Need for more research and extension activities.

Incumbency chart (HOD and other faculty members) of last 05 years

2015 – 16

  1. Tika Khan, Lecturer (Gr.–A & HOD)
  2. Bibekananda Jena, Lecturer
  3. Guruprasanna Sahoo, Lecturer
  4. Ranjan Kumar Sahu, Lecturer

2016 – 17

  1. Tika Khan, Lecturer (Gr.–A & HOD)
  2. Bibekananda Jena, Lecturer
  3. Guruprasanna Sahoo, Lecturer
  4. Ranjan Kumar Sahu, Lecturer

2017 – 18

  1. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Reader & HOD
  2. Tika Khan, Lecturer (Gr.–A)
  3. Bibekananda Jena, Lecturer
  4. Guruprasanna Sahoo, Lecturer
  5. Ranjan Kumar Sahu, Lecturer

2018 – 19

  1. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Reader & HOD
  2. Tika Khan, Lecturer (Gr.–A)
  3. Bibekananda Jena, Lecturer
  4. Guruprasanna Sahoo, Lecturer
  5. Ranjan Kumar Sahu, Lecturer

2019 – 20

  1. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Reader & HOD
  2. Tika Khan, Lecturer (Gr.–A)
  3. Bibekananda Jena, Lecturer
  4. Guruprasanna Sahoo, Lecturer
  5. Ranjan Kumar Sahu, Lecturer


Achievements of past Teachers

    The teachers who have served and left this department in the past are presently in many fields of government academic services. They are Prof. M.RjaRao, the founder of our department, retired as H.O.D. and vice-principal, V.N.College, Jajpur Road. Prof. Brundaban Behera retired as Principal, Anchalika Mohavidyalaya, Hatadihi. Dr. Nikunja Bihari Dhal retired as Principal, U.N.S. College, Mugupal. Prof. Nirjharini Nayak retired as H.O.D. in P.N.College, Khurda. Prof. Kanduri CharanPrusty retired as H.O.D. in B.B.Mohavidyalaya, Chandikhole.Prof. JagabandhuSahoo working as H.O.D. in AnandaPur College, AnandaPur. Smt. Salila Mishra was retired as reader from our college.Dr. Akshya Kumar Mohanty retired as principal from this college.
Many stidents belonging to the Mathematics honours involve in extra- curricular activities some of them are given below. i. JajatikeshariTripathy was awarded best N.C.C. cadet of our college. He also participated in RDC, New delhi.
ii. Kumari Prativa Sahoo stood as best athlete of our college .
iii. Kumari Nirupama Nath is the best athlete of our college.
iv. Sri Bijay Kumar Sahoo is the best singer of our college.
v. Sri Siva Prasad Nanda elected as athletic Secretary .
vi. Sri Swadhin Sarangi stood champion on Utkal University on Body building competition.He stood the runners up in All India Body building competition.
The department has computing facilities. More than twenty five computers are installed in the computer lab. The students are doing their practical using computer. They have also facilitated with free internet access. As the campus is a Wi-Fi campus they login to the free net access. The department has good collection of text and reference books in the seminar library.For encouraging to the students a wall magazine name”Ankeeta” was made in our department in which students give their valuable articles for displaying. Class rooms with ICT equipped.
Every year ,2nd year and final year students arranged a welcome ceremony for the fresher i.e. 1st year students. Students of our department celebrate Lord Ganesh Chaturthi and Goddes Saraswati Puja in our seminar room. They also go for study tour to different places such as Dhenkanal National Science park, Pathani Samanta Planetorium, Bhubaneswar, Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Andharua Bhubaneswar and many educational Institutions every year. The first year students arranged farewell ceremony to bid farewell to seniors i.e. 3rd year students. The students observe Teacher;s day every year in the department, they also observe annual day on 22nd Dec i. e. on the National Mathematics Day.
We want to open courses like Diploma in Fanancial Mathematics, BCA, and Networking and Software Programming in near future.