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Head of the Department: Mr. Narendra P. Behera
Department of philosophy started in 1966; this is a leading centre for teaching and critical thinking in the areas of philosophical inquiry. Department follows all rule and guideline of government. Apart from that Philosophy has own technique and methodology to develop the students rational thinking and reasoning capacity to compete with other students in the world. It always tries to produce a basic and clear understanding of all the subjects.
The Department of Philosophy, V. N. (Auto.) college, Jajpur Road has been established in the year 1968. Mrs. Tapati Bose was the first faculty member of this department. Her teaching ability attracts the students to choose philosophy as a subject in pass and Honours in the degree stage. For her dynamic personality the department progressed with other faculty members like Dr.Laxmikant Mohanty and Anup Kumar Ray. Later on Mr. Suryanarayana Mishra, Mr. Chitaranjan Das, Mr. Gobinda Chandra Sahoo, Mr. Kamadev Das, Dr.Subash Chandra Samal, Mr. P. Kar, Mr. Nanda Pattaniak, Mr. A.K. Sahoo, Mr. N. P. Behera, Miss. Mousumi Lenka and Mrs. Priti Pattanaik have joined as faculty in this Department. Almost all former faculties were very good in their academic activities and also they had good publications and Research. PROGRAMME OF STUDY
The Department of philosophy offers B.A. Philosophy Honours (6 Semesters) and General Elective regular course. This is a unique feature of our U.G. Programme. It seeks to provide a good grounding in Indian and Western philosophies that can equip the students with a thorough knowledge of philosophical traditions. Students from non-philosophy background are strongly encouraged to apply. The programme of study consists of 14 core courses which are compulsory and 2 are elective courses. Each of these carry 100 marks and students are ordinarily required to do our courses each semester this is a full-time regular course.
The department is known for its innovative and extensive teaching and research, especially in the fields of Logics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Language, Social and Political Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Science, Nyaya, Buddhism, Vedanta and other related to areas of Indian Philosophy.
Department attracts students from all over Odisha. Some of our students are well placed in prestigious institutions like IITs, Universities and Government services.
The department has one departmental seminar library with an adequate number of textbooks and reference books. The department has been organizing the weekly seminar.
Department regularly conducts departmental seminars and national seminars.

Name of the Department: Department of Philosophy
Year of establishment: 1966
Built of up area of the department in sq. m: 450
Names of Programmes: Bachelor in Arts (Philosophy Honours under CBCS pattern and State Model pattern)
Students and Teacher Ratio at present in U.G.: 12:

Designation Sanction post Filled post Vacant post
Reader Nil Nil Nil
Lecturer 04 02 02
Sl No Name Qualification Designation Specialization Number of Year Experience
01 Mr. Narendra Prasad Behera M.A., M. Phil Lecturer Epistemology, Buddhism, Philosophy of Language 03 year
02 Priti Pattanaik M.A.,M. Phil Lecturer Political Philosophy, Nyaya Philosophy and Business Ethics 04 year
03 Miss.Mousumi Lenka M.A. Lecturer Ethics, Vedanta philosophy, and Philosophy of Science 01 year

Departmental Seminar Library books about 173
Internet facilities for staff and students: Wi-Fi campus with broad brand connection
Total number of class rooms: 01
Class rooms with ICT facility: Nil
Virtual class room- Nil
Seminar Room: Nil
Department office Room: Nil

Year Number of Students admitted Male Female Cut off Marks Pass Percentage of Student Number of Admitted in PG Number of Students got Placement
2014-15 17 05 11 40% 100% 03, Utkal University 01
2015-16 18 11 07 42% 100% 04, Utkal University 01
2016-17 13 03 10 40% 100% 01,Ravenshaw University 01
2017-18 06 03 03 45% NA NA NA
2018-19 09 04 05 42% NA NA NA
2019-20 08 02 06 50% NA NA NA