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State level seminar

Name of Department: Department of Education
Year Of Establishment: 1991 (General) And 2002 Hons.
Name Of Programs/Courses Offered: UG (BA Hons.)
Evaluation System: Semester

Name Age Teaching Exp. Research Exp. Publication Photo
Mr. T.R. Panda 49 25 M.Phil Women Education
Mr. B.K. Behera 34 15 Ass. In Edn
Miss K.B. Rout 28 7 M.Phil Ass. In Edn
Mr. D. Rout 45 10
Sl No Name Period Of Service Outstanding Activities
01 Dr. Jyostna Sahoo 8 DLit. got Senior Lect. in Rniase. Ctc
02 Dr. P.K. Mishra 04 Principal In pvt. B.Ed College, Haldia

All the students have submitted their project works on ‘educational problems and evaluation’
In addition, they are to complete their project works on field studies

Departmental; seminar on ‘women empowerment in 21st century’( 12th Sept 2019)

Year Male Female Total
2014 10 33 43
2015 9 38 47
2016 11 34 45
2017 12 30 42
2018 10 20 30
2019 7 20 27

SC, ST and OBC students receive a stipend from the govt. and other organizations. The college provided the facilities of reduced tuition fees to the poor but meritorious students

A well equipped central library caters to the needs of the students. However, the specimen copies received from the publishers are preserved for the disposal of the students. Internet facilities (WIFI) for staffs and students are provided centrally.
The departmental seminar library also provides books to the students relating to their CBCS syllabus.

Departmental seminars on ‘women empowerment ‘ (12th Sept 2019) was arranged.
Proctorial classes are also taken for students’ enrichment and solution of their educational and personal problems Moreover, slideshows are arranged on various topics of the syllabus to create interest among the students as well as to provide additional information.

In addition to the traditional chalk and talk method classes, special interactive classes by applying group discussion, question answer, demonstration method are arranged to encourage the students and thereby improve their learning. In-house seminars frequently organized by the department help the students acquire knowledge, skill and self-confidence. Special classes are held during the study level of the students with special attention paid to slow learners. The hidden creativity of the students is manifested through the publication of wall magazines in the department. Classes are taken through the use of digital technology by means of slideshow presentation etc.

Students are encouraged to take part in various NSS activities. In addition, cultural and eco-friendly activities are organized.

The Education department of V.N. College can take pride in having some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated teachers of the college. Departmental seminars are being held regularly to improve the overall performance of the students and lead them towards research motivation. But in addition to the formal methods, the greatest strength of the department has been the teacher-student intimate relationship that has kept the department alive.
The socio-cultural background of the students, many of whom are 1st generation learners from poor and backward families is a major drawback for the development of the department. The lack of sufficient number of teachers is a great huddle in the path of improving quality education. An insufficient number of classrooms also sometimes creates a problem.
However the learners are always made aware of the wide scope for their future. Affords are on to enhance the quality of the students by giving them opportunities for interaction with the senior faculty members of other cognate institutions by means of special classes.
The placement of the output in different govt. and non govt. sectors and self employment is one of the main challenges before the department. When the opportunity of getting observed in the traditional sector is narrowing day by day. Employment is an urgent necessity of the time. Geographical location of this college provides great opportunity for the students of education to build their future by working in different educational institutions which is a challenge before the department.