Sri Pradip Kumar Biswal
Dr. Kusha Chandra Pradhan


Our College Crest

THE CREST bears the name and address of the College. It symbolizes ancient heritage and modern science, and embodies the ideals of wisdom, Progress and enlightenment. ¬ THE PALM LEAF MANUSCRIPT Stands for all encompassing vedic wisdom (Para Vidya) and the book symbolizes secular knowledge (Apara Vidya) that is the result of modern scientific study of truth. . THE SPACE CRAFT, THE LABORATORY, THE STAR AND THE PLANET- are emblematic of our applied science and technology. The search ultimately culminates in enlightenment through total knowledge as indicated. Our spiritual heritage is symbolized by the LAMP AND ITS FLAME. At the bottom is written a Rig vedic hymn, a prayer which means ‘LET NOBLE THOUGHTS COME TO US FROM ALL SIDES.'